Hole 3


Blue 490
White 456
Red 370

Par / Index

Par Index
Men 5 13
Ladies 5 17

Once again there is a premium of driving accuracy on the third hole. The golfer must tee off from a very tight avenue of trees with the left-to-right ball shape required once again to get the ball to the fairway. Don’t over-do the shape however as out of bounds awaits on the right. The bailout tee shot is to the bank on the left but from here you’ll be blocked out from the green and will almost certainly be laying up with your second.

If you find the fairway, the longer hitters will be left with a difficult choice, lay up to your preferred yardage or be bold and take on the green in 2. If you opt to be bold be aware that the fairway slopes from left to right, which will encourage a left to right ball flight and out of bounds awaits any ball that goes too far right.

The green itself is unique in that its the only green in Coollattin without a bunker – don’t let this fool you however as the front is protected by a raised lip with severe run off areas to the left and right of the green also making pitching and chipping to this green treacherous.

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