Hole 4


Blue 414
White 397
Red 321

Par / Index

Par Index
Men 4 1
Ladies 4 15

The difficult start to Coollattin doesn’t let up with the tight, tree-lined 4th. Big trouble lurks on the left in the shape of trees blocking you out on your approach and out of bounds awaits any balls going right. Add into the equation a strategically placed bunker on the right hand side of the fairway and a sharp dogleg to the left meaning your drive must be long enough to have a view of the green, you’re left with a very difficult driving hole.

If you get a good drive away you’ll be left with a challenging shot to a split level green guarded at the front and right by bunkers. Make sure you don’t go long here, as the slope behind the green could send you to an unplayable lie in the woods to the back of the green.

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