Hole 16


Blue 305
White 301
Red 280

Par / Index

Par Index
Men 4 6
Ladies 4 12

Based on it’s relatively short yardage this hole could look quite straight forward at first glance – but as with many holes in Coollattin danger is never too far away.

Historic Coollattin House serves as the backdrop to the fairway from the tee and the fairway is presented to the golfer with a severe left to right slope. This slope can be useful as being on the right side of this fairway is better than being left (where you could be blocked out). Don’t go too far right though as you’ll bring dense trees and bushes into play and the real possibility of a lost ball.

The real fun on this hole will begin with your approach to the green. The green sits above the fairway and is split into 2 distinct levels by a very severe slope. Just a few yards to the right of the green sits a ha-ha (a man made sunken ditch) that could spell disaster for the unsuspecting golfer. Beyond the ha-ha is out of bounds.

There is no doubt about it, the 16th is a devilish little hole with the potential to ruin anybody’s scorecard.

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