Hole 13


Blue 351
White 321
Red 281

Par / Index

Par Index
Men 4 12
Ladies 4 6

The 13th tee enjoys some of the most scenic views of Coollattin and the surrounding countryside on the course but don’t spend too much time taking in the sights as there is some serious work ahead of you between here and the clubhouse starting with the drive on the 13th.

Longer hitters will take on the fairway bunkers on the left to try cut the dogleg and leave themselves the shortest possible shot into the green. Fail to make the carry and you’re left in a steep faced fairway bunker with water between you and the hole. Go too far left and you bring the heaviest rough on the course into play or even potentially the pond in the front of the green.

The more conservative play is to go up the middle of the fairway to the right of the bunkers but the more right you go, the longer your approach will be an the more water you’ll have to contend with.

The green is protected at the front-left by an intimidating pond and to the right and rear by punishing bunkers. There are two levels to the green with a tricky 2-putt ahead of anybody who finds the wrong level making distance control for your approach shot very important.

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