Hole 12


Blue 475
White 465
Red 401

Par / Index

Par Index
Men 5 18
Ladies 5 18

This short par 5 plays downhill from a raised tee. Fairway bunkers wait on the right of the fairway with water cutting in menacingly from the left. Longer hitters will take on the bunkers on the right and try to catch the steep downslope beyond to eek out a few more yards.

Do this successfully and you might be tempted to go for the green with your second shot as it does sit well below you. The left of the green is guarded by trees and a single tall tree stands in the middle of the fairway just 40 yards short of the green obscuring a view of the centre of the green. You might choose to go over this tree if you have a short enough iron in your hands but make sure you judge your distance well – over the back of this green is out of bounds.

The green itself is long, narrow and very shallow from front to back with subtle breaks all over making putting a challenge. This is index 18 and for a par 5 is very short especially given that it plays so much downhill. That said, it has the ability, like so many holes in Coollattin, to make good golfers look very foolish very quickly.

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