All Juniors, parents/guardians must familiarise themselves with these regulations. They set out fitting standards for Junior Golfers to enable them to have fun, improve their skills and feel good.

Dress Code

  1. When on the golf course or in the clubhouse, dress in keeping with the approved junior dress code. Also comply with dress codes, standards and rules when visiting other clubs.
  2. Golf shoes with soft spikes or runners must be worn on the course. Footwear worn on the course must not be worn in the clubhouse except in the locker room.
  3. Trousers, tailored shorts, or skirts are acceptable.
  4. Sweaters, golf caps, rain gear and hats are recognised as golf attire.
  5. The following are considered unsuitable; sports or football shorts, football shirts, sleeveless/collarless shirts.
  6. The wearing of hoodies is not permitted.

Bar Access for Junior Members

  1. MONDAY TO FRIDAY; – Junior members aged 15 years and over may, subject to course availability, play from 9am.
    This excludes open competitions days (Tuesday Seniors & Wednesday) when they can play from 12pm subject to course availability
  2. THURSDAY: – The course is reserved for Junior competitions each Thursday between 10am and 11am from the 1st June until the 30th August, except during open week.
  3. SATURDAY, SUNDAY, AND BANK HOLIDAYS; – Junior members aged 15 years and over may play in non-competition slots subject to the availability of the course.
  4. Juniors aged 10 to 14 years may play as outlined above only when they are accompanied by an adult member of the Club (over 18 years).

Competition Playing Rights for Junior Members

  1. Junior members aged 15 and over may play in member
  2. Junior boys (15+) who have reached acceptable proficiencies in the game, including standards of etiquette and personal conduct, may play in Mens Singles Competitions, subject to conditions agreed with the Junior Convenor.
  3. Junior girls (15+) who have reached acceptable proficiencies in the game, including standards of etiquette and personal conduct, may play in all Lady’s competitions, subject to conditions agreed with the Junior Convenor.
  4. Junior members are bound by the prize-winning conditions applicable to junior members.
  5. A winning prize for such Juniors at (c) and (e) shall not exceed 50% of the allocated prize money and shall not include cash or alchohol.

Code Of Conduct for Junior Members

  1. Always remember that the goals of the game are to have fun, improve your skills and feel good.
  2. Treat other players, members, team captains and coaches with fairness and respect. Accept their advice and decisions with grace.
  3. Respect fellow team members: give them support both when they do well and when things go wrong.
  4. Respect opponents.
  5. Accept apologies from opponents when they are offered.
  6. Winning and losing is part of sport, win with humility – lose with dignity.
  7. Shake hands with your markers at the end of your game and with whoever wins the competition and mean it.
  8. Treat others as you would wish to be treated yourself.
  9. Respect physical, cultural, and racial difference.
  10. Do not take part in any irresponsible, abusive, inappropriate, or illegal behaviour which includes smoking (under 16), use of foul language; publicly using critical or disrespectful descriptions of others.

Course Behaviour for Junior Members

  1. Be organised and on time for events.
  2. Always obey the standards pertaining to course safety, etiquette and behaviour.
  3. Give special courtesy to the Presidents, Captain and Lady Captain on the course on all occasions. At all times, other than organised junior competitions, give way on the course to full members and matches in progress.
  4. Carefully repair all divot holes made and any damage to the putting green made by the impact of a ball, whether made by yourself or not.

Personal Safety Guidelines for Junior Members

  1. Have arrangements in place for a timely pick-up at the end of your game or practice session.
  2. Always check in at the Pro-Shop before going onto the golf course or using the practice facilities.
  3. If you must leave the Club or a competition unexpectedly tell someone.
  4. Look out for yourself and for the welfare of others. Do not engage with strangers. If you notice anything of a suspicious nature alert the Pro-Shop or the Junior Convenor.
  5. Observe instructions and restrictions required by the Rules of the Club and appropriate members of staff, these include compliance with playing and age restrictions applicable to the course, bar, and clubhouse.
  6. Comply with safety notices governing the use of the practice facilities.
  7. Junior Members are permitted to caddy for a parent/guardian who is a member or when specifically approved by the Committee of Management
  8. Junior Members aged 10 to 14 years are not permitted to be in changing rooms unless under responsible supervision or accompanied by a parent or guardian.
  9. For safety reasons, loitering around the course, clubhouse, putting greens and practice areas or in the changing rooms is not permitted.
  10. Respect the privacy of all people in changing rooms, showers, and toilets.
  11. The inappropriate use of mobile phones, particularly a camera phone may cause upset or offence to another person, e.g. in the changing rooms.
  12. If you receive any offensive photo, email or message do not reply to it, make a note of times, and dates, tell a parent or the Junior Convenor.
  13. Challenge or report if you observe any form of discrimination or prejudice.
  14. Speak out if you consider that you or others have been poorly treated.
  15. Report behaviour that appears to fall below the expected standards of the club.