Hole 18


Blue 161
White 151
Red 141

Par / Index

Par Index
Men 4 16
Ladies 4 14

To the unsuspecting golfer, the 18th might look fairly harmless at first glance. A picturesque par 3 cut into majestic Coollattin Oak, it might seem like a respite in the demanding Coollattin finish but dismiss the difficulties of this hole at your peril.

Indeed the majestic Coollattin Oak will pose your first problem as you need to be very accurate here to steer your ball through a tight avenue of trees around the tee.

The real fun on this hole is around the green though. Penal bunkers sit front-left, front-right and back making club selection so important from the tee. The green slopes severely from right to left from the tee, making a chip from the right hand side over the bunker very difficult. Indeed even putting from the high side of the hole here will test the best putters such is the severity of the slope.

Finish out on the 18th, shake hands with your playing partners, sign your scorecard and then relive the highs and lows of your round in our most welcoming clubhouse bar & restaurant. There is more to Coollattin than just 18 holes …

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